IconPackager Version 3.2 Free trial

Upgrade your PC with this fun icon package

When everything looks exactly the same people get bored. When people get bored bad things tend to happen. For an instance, that's how Trigonometry had been invented, someone got bored. That's why the DMV was established, a bunch of people got bored. That's why Politics were introduced into the world, a whole state got bored. Care for any more examples or had we made our point? If we had made our point, please send us your thoughts and explanations as to what it is, because we're still unsure.
With only your, and humanity's, best interests in our hearts, we present you with IconPackager. IconPackager is a package of icons (got bored yet?) and it's the best and easiest way to replace Microsoft's entire icons assortment with a single click. No more mundane looks! No more boring icons!
Unlike other software programs, which are limited and can't change each and every icon, this package gets the job done and stops at nothing. Every single icon can be replaced. You can download additional icon packages and instantly apply them in order to modify and customize your PC's appearance. IconPackager is fully compatible with Windows Vista and is the only software program that enables to change icons on that operating system. Its free version supports Windows 2003/2000/VISTA/XP while the full version is available for a charge.
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